Upon entering the business park it is evident that the ambition to combine a high degree of spatial quality with a high degree of functional cohesion has been successfully realized.

The park has a total area of 54 hectares. The basic design follows the Stockley Park business park in England. Characteristic of Business Park Nieuw-Vennep Zuid are the concentrated green space in the central Vliegerpark as well as the clustering of companies in twelve areas. There is no green space along the access roads in order to prevent cars being parked there.

The park’s gabions, green walls and red wall along the adjacent N207 motorway provide for a clean view. In addition, one of the red wall’s functions is to connect all office and business space. This grouping of commercial buildings is a premise of urban planning, intended to prevent fragmentation.

Companies situated on the site of the red wall are obliged to integrate this existing 7,5 metre high wall in their building design. This allows for spectacular buildings to be developed. The view from building components protruding over the wall is great. To compensate for the higher land price on this side of the park a 50-50 ratio between office and company building is allowed. At the back of the park this ratio is 70-30.

The strength of Business Park Nieuw-Vennep Zuid is that company functions can be ‘stacked’. For example, an operating area at ground level, cafeteria on the first floor, offices on the second and parking on the roof.

Each building in the park has been realized with enthusiasm. Building support among workers for their own building is an important item. Involving people in the process leads to increased realization of a building’s potential added value. As a result the use of higher-quality materials generates higher-quality buildings as a whole: these are easier to maintain and easier to rent out.

The high quality of the buildings is also enhanced by the municipality’s active involvement in the construction of each new building. Both an urban planner and a coordinating architect participate in the process. Based on a sketch design, preliminary design and final design land is designated to buyers. Of course, the quality plan requires architects to be officially registered with the architects registry.

Noteworthy in particular is the height of the buildings. Along the red wall the maximum height is 25 metres, on the side of the Hoofdvaart and office villas this maximum is 18  metres. This approach has been adopted to better integrate the park into its surroundings.

What also contributes to the specific character of the business park are the materials used. Inspired by the architect Mario Botta, bricks were chosen as the key material. Besides its timeless appearance this material requires low maintenance.