Organisational structure

Business Park Nieuw-Vennep Zuid (NVZ) has opted for an associative structure. The Vereniging Parkmanagement Bedrijvenpark NVZ (Association Park Management Business Park NVZ ) consists of members and a board. The General Meeting is the highest body. This means that all decisions are made jointly by the members in a democratic manner.

The purpose of the Association is to protect the collective interests of its members with regard to maintaining the spatial and functional quality of the business park.

The owners of plots of land in Business Park NVZ are compulsory members of the Association. At present, the Association has approximately 85 members. For a complete overview, we would like to refer you to ‘Information NVZ’. All members pay an annual fee, the amount of which depends on the number of m2 of land owned.

General Meeting

A General Meeting is called twice a year. At the spring GM, the figures of the previous year are discussed. At the autumn GM, the budget for the coming year is presented to the members.

The board is made up of five people. The secretariat of the board is carried out by Parkmanagement Nieuw-Vennep Zuid. The five members of the board are:

From left to right: Ruud Koek, Paul Bakker, Thomas Hendriksen, Ronald Dreijer, Hans Verkerk.

The board meets every quarter (or more frequently, if required) to discuss a wide range of issues concerning Business Park NVZ, for instance the continuing operation of NVZ, park management, finances, etc.